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My name iz.. TheMedic

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My name iz.. TheMedic

Post by TheMedic on Mon May 23, 2011 12:05 pm

And I think I'm a pretty awesome fella, I founded 2 unions in my "Maplehistoy"
first one was TheMedics
second one is TheUnited, to know more about it, read my post on the Founding of this Union.

I am a bishop, which has been my 'Life's Dream' since I saw a bishop cast Genesis at HH1,
and now i'm a bishop with (almost) Genesis. Btw.. That quest is the biggest piece of shit!!

I love offering my help to everyone, but Unioniez get it more often ofcourse.
For me Maple is a way to pass my day and have fun whilst doing so,
have any more question? Don't hesitate and ask me here or in PM for a private chat ;D Rawr!

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