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Rules and Guidelines concerning TheMedics.

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Rules and Guidelines concerning TheMedics. Empty Rules and Guidelines concerning TheMedics.

Post by TheMedic on Thu May 19, 2011 3:15 pm

Note: Rules/Guidelines apply both In-game as on forum.


-TheMedics is for all healers and healers only
(Cleric's, Priests and Bishops.. not people who think dropping potions equals healing)

-All mages are welcome to join, untill lvl. 30 when they pick a job that doesn't involve healing.
They can always transfer to any other guild within our Union, without much of a hassle

-Help others and don't be selfish. Medics are FAMOUS for their generosity and help. Exclamation

-Register here in the Forums, it's a way for us to: Track you down, contact you offline, plan events, sell/buy, see all inactive persons (whom get deleted after 90days of not logging on ), reward you for your Awesomeness and last but not least. To get to know eachother better beyond maple !!

-Recruiting close friends is certainly welcome, because we aren't just trying to be big, famous and epic. We also try to be one tight group, being friends instead of "just another member in my Guild".


#1. No hacking.. ever.. at all.. no, just don't! Really

#2. No scamming, which in my mind is even worse than hacking.
A scammer get's muted and nailed on the "Pole-o-Shame" as warning, a second abuse of
people's trust or noobiness get's you kicked out of the Union for good and we'll let all other Unions we know, know about you!

#3. If you see any violation of Rule# 1 & 2, you must report. If not, you're counted as accomplice when we find out.

#4. No Flaming or Trolling (Excessive swearing or annoying ppl into their grave)

#5. Hey, It's okay to swear, don't get me wrong. Just don't overdo it..
also; if there seems to be a problem with a certain word: being ethnical or hurtfull, I can and will censor these words

#6. No racism, mkey ?

#7. Keep the posts down, don't spam. DONT SPAM !! DON'T SPAM, even in Union/Guild chat.
Saying the same sentence 3x is more than enough, even when no1 answered. Just try again later

#8. Show respect to your Guildleaders, Moderators and SuperMods.. No need to bow, but it's allowed.

#9. If you have any question whatsoever about how I do things, how I behave, how my day was, what colour socks I wore.. Just ask me, in Unionchat preferrably. I'm a really nice/fun/epic *cough* Guy.

#10. Just have fun mapling and enjoy it!

- TheMedic

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