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History of TheMedics

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History of TheMedics Empty History of TheMedics

Post by TheMedic on Sun May 22, 2011 4:29 pm

The Guild; TheMedics was founded somewhere in October by TheMedic (Xav)
on level 30 (or something close to that), my goal and vision for this guild would be
to unite all Healers into one guild, together with other guilds that had other characters.
So that we could always rely on eachother instead of depending on having the luck (or not)
to find a Priest/Cleric. Most people I talked to at that time, said to me I was prone to fail and that no1 would join a guild with one class only.

They don't understand that we healers all respect eachother and help as much as we can,
because most of us like to be the backbone of every party.

~ End of First Part ~

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