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Post by TedStriker on Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:36 am

Hey there noobs and noobelinas,
before Elliot went to Germany we were talking bout getting highlvled to do some awesome HT/CZAK runs.
I also think that our union needs a Boss forum. DUH! Very Happy

Well i searched day and night to find some interesting Guides.

To be at least able to hit HTs ass, we will need at least a pt of 6 lvl 160+ guys.
The only one who is lvl 160+ is Chopsickle so we have a way to go there.
Our HT pt needs at least 1 DK and 1 Bishop/evan and 4 attackers.

The dk has to keep the whole PT HBed all the time.
The Evans should be at least lvl 165 and have the soulstone skill at lvl 11 (revives 3 ppl at once)
Bishops spam heal and disspell.
Attackers : ATTACK GEEZ! -.-
the attackers should be the usual ppl : NLs,Sairs,BMs,MMs,Warris,Buccs.

I think we are alrdy capable to kill ht, but we need to get 160+ first AND we need alot HP.
I never did a ht run but according to some vids ( [check 3 plx]) ht can hit up to 7.8-8k which would 1 hit K.O. me even at lvl 160 with my ship bonus hp.

Thats the only reason why i think we will not be able to do ht soon coz we lack DKs.

Czak on the other hand is more like it.

to keep it short and simple read this :

Czak is a fearsome boss due to his many spells.

Bishops have to be careful since it can zombify (zombify reverses the effect of heal endin up in killing ur whole pt with 1-2 heals).
Since it can disspell and according to this guide ( it really SPAMS disspell so DKs have to spam hb (again) and mages have to keep their MG up.

So if u happened to read those guides here my plan : We should make some Czak test runs. either soloing it (of course we will die -.-) or doin it with more people just to get used to it. we also need ALL Union attackers (lvl 140+)we can get to go if we want to kill at anytime soon.

Due to boredom im listing up some random names =P

Chopsickle (Buccaneer) lvl 166
Billycorgan (Battlemage) lvl 154
Triptakyon (Battlemage) lvl 141
8bitteddy (Mechanic and if he comes on again) lvl 141
itzleeifi (Nightlord) lvl 147
Shuridecro (Evan) lvl 150
DedicatedBM (Bowmaster) lvl 143
TheMedic (Bishop) lvl dunno coz he isnt online right nao. Well every member of TheMedics is highly needed.
Holybaka (Bishop) lvl 136
T3dStr1k3r (Corsair) lvl 152

Well that are all the people which are online right nao (except for xav -.-)

The most important thing we need is : DKs.
We almost have none in our union and they are desperatly needed for those runs.

So please comment your oppinions.


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BOSS RUNS!!!! Empty Re: BOSS RUNS!!!!

Post by TheMedic on Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:17 pm

recruit DK's ;D

BOSS RUNS!!!! 2lw4q45

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BOSS RUNS!!!! Empty Re: BOSS RUNS!!!!

Post by supdun on Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:18 pm

Nice idea!

Yep, well need DK's =D do what Xav said =P

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BOSS RUNS!!!! Empty Re: BOSS RUNS!!!!

Post by razori33 on Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:23 pm

the video is CHT?

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BOSS RUNS!!!! Empty Re: BOSS RUNS!!!!

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