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Reasons why I`m quitting MS

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Reasons why I`m quitting MS Empty Reasons why I`m quitting MS

Post by TedStriker on Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:05 am

Heya fellas I just wanted to let you know that I am going to quit Maplestory until Nexon will fix the PMD bug AND give back the money to every mapler who lost his money due to THEIR fault.

As far as I know nexon they won`t do it so I will not come back. I already deinstalled EMS from my Laptop.

This is not the first time Nexon failed us and it will not be the last time. But I´m sick of this. They don`T let us know if they are aware of the problems, they pronounce "Emergency Maintences" and don`t fix anything important for the maplers. They don`t say anything like "Maplers we know that there ae problems and we`Re woking on it" They don`t even close PMDs until they are fixed so they prove they only want one thing : our money and we all throw it into their greedy mouths like it was the shit we should throw at them.That`s professional scamming.

Nexon is the worst company ever and I cannot stand this anymore. I hate to say this but I made my move. All that`s left now is to hope that Nexon will act properly.

I`m sorry for my guild fellas which are quite amazing people but I`d assume everyone who still wants to play this game not to buy any nx because its wasted money.

I want to apology myself especially to elliot who will be like "OMG WTF WHY?!?!?!" right now but i hope he will understand and accept my decision. I`m sorry i didnt talk to you yet but I needed to do this in an instant before i get weak and change my mind.

I somehow hope that Nexon admits their failure this time and gives us our money back because then and only then i will be coming back.

That`s all for now. I wish you alot of fun in and outside the game and hope you`ll move on in your lifes (uhm kinda cheesy eh?).

cheers, Ted

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Reasons why I`m quitting MS Empty Re: Reasons why I`m quitting MS

Post by TheMedic on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:30 pm

Dear Ted,
I truly hope Nexon fixes all their shit updates aswell
and I hope when they do, or atleast made a half-decent attempt. That we will see you back and will enjoy your company again. Looking forward,


Reasons why I`m quitting MS 2lw4q45

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